Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Cook: Chicken Day

The last "Chicken Day" of 2011 is in the books - though we may process some stewing hens later this year.

Preparations began the night before, smoking a 9-lb. brisket from the farm for 3 hours with grapevine, which was then removed to the oven to cook overnight, covered @ 225f.

Smoked Brisket
The following morning the brisket registered 210f (ten degrees higher than I wanted it).  As a result it was a bit dry, even though it was incredibly moist and tender in appearance.  I'm getting closer and closer to a standard cook for this cut...can't wait to do one again.  Other attempts are found here,  here and here.

Grilled Panadero Bread
 For the starter, I made a marinara of Arethusa tomatoes that had been oven-roasted, and served it with grilled baguettes for dipping.

And the secret ingredient to such a yummy sauce is: butter.  Well, butter and some parmesan cheese. One of these days I'll have to write up the recipe.

There was a tomato-mozzarella side, greens, buns for making sandwiches, and...
Macaroni Cheese
 a wheatless macaroni cheese which was to have been cooked in the Traeger smoker, but a grease fire early on put a stop to that and it had to be baked in the oven.  That really made it hot in the kitchen!

It's Arthur's Fault! Caramel Sauces
Dessert was an ice cream cake which my sister made, the recipe is here.  We also had Island Ice Cream and caramel sauces to pour over the top of everything - oh, and whipped cream, too!