The Cheeseplant Tour

Green Mountain Blue Cheese on the Boucher Family Farm has been in business since 1999.  We make cheese only one day a week, using the morning milk.

Our cheesemaking vat is an old bulk tank (milk storage tank) that we repurposed.  Milk comes in through a hose while the cows are being milked.  It is neither heated nor cooled.

The cover comes off for the remainder of the make.  Culture and rennet have already been added.

At around 6 a.m. in the morning it is cut into curds.

The curds exude whey, which is then drawn off.

The whey goes to the manure pit to be spread on the fields twice a year.

The curds are cut into slabs, milled by hand, and placed in moulds we made ourselves.

Our moulds are simply food-grade plastic pipe; cheeses are periodically turned during the day.

The molds are covered in plastic wrap to preserve moisture overnight.

The following day, fresh "white" cheeses are removed from various moulds and salted by hand.

(One week after manufacture)  Cheeses will be cared for (affined) until they reach maturity.

(Two weeks)

They are periodically pierced, brushed, and turned.

(Three weeks)

A natural rind forms on the outside of the cheeses.

Some cheeses are different sizes, the smallest finish ripening at two months of age; the larger the cheese, the longer it takes to mature.

This is our third blue cheese, Madison; it became available in 2011.  Boucher Blue began in 1999, Gore-Dawn-Zola in 2000.  Our other cheeses are seasonal and sold primarily at farmer's market.

If you come to the farm, cuts of cheese are available for sale in this refrigerator to the right of the entrance of the cheeseplant.

All are priced for sale and ready to take home.

Payment is left in the cup on top of the 'fridge - the "honor system".

Thanks for stopping by!