Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scene in Alburgh: UVM Crops and Soils Field Day

We received an invitation to this event held last Thursday at Borderview Farm, and were interested in viewing the oil extraction operation.

Chicken on the Grill
 My invite didn't include information about a chicken barbecue, but they had that, too!  (Grill envy)

Hop Fields
As the tour began, I looked through my binder and read that in addition to hops, corn, and forages, they were running wheat trials.  I am allergic to wheat, and never exposed myself to either pollen or plants, and immediately lost interest in moving closer to that end of the field (near the sunflower plots).

Beer Hops
Ah well, Dan and I left after about 1/2 an hour, having seen most of what we came for, and needing to begin pre-farmer's market duties back home.