Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekend Cook: Chine Pork Roast

Pork Roast
 We fired up the Traeger pig smoker at 225f to 250f for this cook, which took about two hours for the roast to reach 144f internal.

This was a new cut for me, which the butcher said is mostly sirloin, bone-in - and the top round (pale color), I think. I coated it in turbinado sugar and the house rub of mostly paprika, onion powder and garlic powder.

I also made up a foil packet of previously boiled potatoes, thinly sliced raw carrots, onions, and kolrabi (plus, salt, pepper and 2 thin pats of butter).  The roast would not take long to cook, so the potatoes could not be raw to start with.

The probe with the lead is 10 degrees off, so I had to keep checking with the Thermapen.  140f is fine for pork, just remove from the heat, cover with foil and a heavy towel for about 20 minutes while it rests and finishes cooking.