Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hellish High Winds

We have been having freakish winds this past week, day and night - the pilot on the fireplace blew out in the early evening on saturday, and we thought there was a tornado at 2:00 a.m. - that's how loud the wind was.  This is a photo of our Big Green Egg as it was before it blew clean off the porch!

All the grills had been covered and pushed against the building for the night.  I heard a rumble and a thump in the early morning but didn't take much notice of it, since the wind was already so very loud.

In the morning, we found the cart tipped over and the Egg in the bittersweet that grows on the south side of the house.  WCAX reported 77mph winds in the Cambridge-Jeffersonville area, no details on how hard the blow was in Highgate.

The hinge is off and the handle bent, but the ceramic is none the worse for wear.  Dan even had it back on the porch and put together again before I could take a photo of it lying there.   The lid does not close, so we may have to replace the bands.

I need a chain or something to anchor the grills to the house.  This isn't typical Vermont weather, anymore, is it?