Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Cook: Seafood Apps

Seafood Appetizers
The past weekend I made fancy little nibbles for an indulgent party involving our friends, The Collins'.   From left to right: mini crabcake (crabby patty), lobster arepas, alligator meatballs (gator balls).

The meatball recipe is here, just sub out "chicken" for alligator and steam for 8 minutes.  The crabcake recipe is here, just sub out a pound of salmon for crab.  The lobster was poached and then mixed with raw onion, mayo, a squeeze of sriracha, and garnished with the chunky tomato sauce recipe from here.

Too bad our guests didn't show up.  Seems they had a little run in with Mr. Jagermeister at a gathering the night before and missed everything - but, that's okay.  More lobster for me.