Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas to Me

Dry Ice Smoke Rings
 These are only one of my Christmas gifts to me this year, frozen gluten-free Venezuelan convenience food from Florida.  I know!  How did that come to be?

It all started with Bobby Flay's Throwdown, episode "arepas".  Well, the only place I could find that sold the special cornmeal to make arepas (without ordering a case) was a Florida specialty store.

I couldn't just order two small bags of cornmeal, so I filled out the shipment with frozen goods from the "gluten-free" section of the online store.

I think I want to try making my own empanadas as well.

I have NO idea what these are, but it will be fun to find out - and that's all I wanted for Christmas, really - a new experience.