Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Menu: Beef Tenderloin, Fingerlings

Beef tenderloin with roasted fingerling potatoes.

I dusted these with the house rub of mostly turbinado and chili powder and added some cayenne. On to a hot grill for 7 minutes (side one) and 4 minutes (side two).

I then moved the meat over to the side of the grill that was turned off, and moved the controls on the opposite side to "low".

I washed about a pound of fingerling potatoes, coated them in salt and EVOO and placed them in a foil pouch. I put the packet on the preheated hot grill at the same time as the meat, then turned the controls underneath the packet off. I could hear the oil sizzling for the entire 11 minutes that the meat was being seared on the left burner.

When the meat was ready to come off high heat, the the foil pouch was flipped over and the steaks switched places with it, so that the foil was now on the left (over low heat) and the meat was on the right (the off burner). Cover down, they cooked for twenty minutes.

The potatoes were done perfectly!

The meat had a nice sear and was beautifully rare.

Now, to that pat of butter. I have to give a nod to my brother-in-law Brian; he was putting butter on his steaks over twenty-five years ago, long before compound butters became trendy. He had it right. There are certain cuts of meat that are just better with a little butter.