Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day

Sunday was turkey processing day here on the farm, and I was up early to put two dry-aged beef rib roasts on the Big Green Egg. They took about 4 hours indirect at 275 - 300f to get to 131f internal. In order to get dry aged beef, you have to know a guy and order a month ahead - we use Bob's Meat Market in St. Albans.

These were both "medium", next time I'll pull them a few degrees earlier. I'll be reserving and cooking the beef ribs til they fall apart tomorrow night.

Here's just one of the awesome appetizers: bacon wrapped pork sausages, and sausage/cheese stuffed jalapenos. Easy to make, but you have to grill them over indirect heat or there will be dramatic flames!

Loads of food and loads of fun - unless you were a turkey, of course. There was four mushroom cream gravy and cheesy polenta, a tourtiere (purchased from Sweetie Pies), root veggies roasted in duck fat, a Boucher Farm ham, and my mom's oatmeal rolls. All that, and homemade pies with ice cream as well!