Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekend Cook: Turkey Leg Quarter

(Smoked turkey with steamed vegetables cooked on the Big Green Egg)

Since we are only two people, I had quartered one of our own large turkeys and froze it last November. This is the final section left; it is a leg that weighs about 8 pounds (it was from a 38-pound turkey).

I coated the quarter with a rub of turbinado sugar, pepper and paprika.

I set the Egg to 350f and put the quarter on with a probe set to alarm at 110f. I washed and placed the vegetables in foil and added them to the grill at the alarm, then reset the alarm to 170f.

Done! The whole cook took 3 hours, and I could smell barbecue during the last hour.

(Crispy skin)

The way we raise turkeys includes processing them a few days before Thanksgiving. This means that they live during cold months and develop a layer of fat under their skin almost like a duck (not really like a duck, but more so than a store-bought turkey), and that helps keeps the meat moist during cooking.

Local carrots steamed in a foil pouch. Some of them were purple and that accounts for the color of the liquid.

Local "negligee" beans. Oddly enough, they lose their purple color during the cooking process.

Don't be panicking any about the pink color of the meat. That's the smoke ring. Not only is the meat absolutely out of this world tasty and the skin crunchy, the bones yield a fantastic soup stock.