Friday, October 9, 2009

Farmer's Market #22: Homecoming

Last week, it stopped raining shortly after we set up. I had only three dozen eggs for sale, I expect there won't be any this week.

The park was overcast, quiet and cool. It was UVM Homecoming weekend, and not busy at all in the morning. Each of us thought the other had gotten produce to take home, but it looks like we'll be eating only carrots and squash this week.

We sold that last pig head - I am so going to order them again next year; they are the next big thing.

There were cider donuts available at the apple stand; Dan bought a bag-full to share.

Pumpkins everywhere.

Light crowds of tourists started to form after ten, then...

...claustrophobia central.

Across the road? Those are people waiting for tables inside of the restaurant!

Here's another doggie with one brown eye and one white eye.

Four more to go! Hope to see you at market.