Saturday, August 29, 2009

On the Side: Stuffed Tomatoes on the Grill

Grilled summer squash, zucchini, and artichoke hearts from Half Pint Farm are paired with local cheeses for the stuffing of these delicious tomatoes cooked on the grill.

Four tomatoes from Arethusa Farm are hollowed out.

There's about a cup of chopped grilled veggies leftover from another cook, about two ounces of shredded Tomme Collins cheese, and a couple shakes from the breadcrumb can to hold it together.

I use these gluten-free tortilla crumbs.

I stuffed in as much as each tomato cup would hold.

Local mozzarella.

Just a drizzle of olive oil over the slices of mozzarella cheese and these are ready for the grill.

I set the tray over the "off" burner, and set the other to "medium". After twenty-five minutes at 300f, the cheese has melted. I didn't want the tomatoes to break down and turn to mush.

Dan said these were "too juicy", but that's why they were served over rice. I really enjoyed the flavor combination of the cheeses and grilled veggie stuffing.