Friday, August 28, 2009

Farmer's Market #17: Crookshanks, Scooby-doo, and Veggie Man, too

Nice cool beginning to the day.

I had cut up twice as much cheese as normal to have some for the Cheesemaker's Festival the following day.

See the piles of eggplants? Look closer...'s Veggie-man!

So many gorgeous displays.

These look like wedding bouquets.

Crookshanks. I haven't seen a cat at market in about six years.

Scooby-doo. This is only the second Great Dane I've spotted this year.

This was installed in the park a week ago. Strangely enough, it displaced some Artist Market vendors - and they don't have that much space to start with. You are supposed to be able to live in it.

The words "intern cabin" and "fishing shanty" came to mind.

What did I notice first? That there was no television. I'd rather cook outside on a grill and have a TV with satellite reception and a small refrigerator at hand. I know it's "art" so it is supposed to make me think.

This is what I think: any cooking, or even heating water for tea or coffee in the summer would bake any occupant, or just stink up the place with lingering odors. I don't want cooking grease on my bed covers, and I don't see a way around that. Just try getting a cooking pot or a frying pan in that handwash-sized sink. No freezer or cupboard space? Where are your clothes stored? I guess I'm far too practical to appreciate this on any level. I swear that a camper trailer the same size has more amenities and greater efficiency.

He's a little young for having a monkey on his back.

Brault's Custom Processing agreed to do another round of sausages for us, so we will have bratwurst, and either hot or sweet Italian pork available next week.

See you at market!