Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Burlington Farmer's Market 2012: Final Photos

Half Pint Farm Tomatoes
Found some great shots from market that I hadn't posted, yet.  Except for this one, which was so nice, I put it up here's to warmer times ahead!

Loved all the little 'Weeners.  Rocking costumes.

Wolf-Man?  Viking?  Celt?  Takes balls to rock real fur in public.  Or maybe it was a really great fake.

 Yes, that is a bunny rabbit tucked into that man's arms.

Does' Leap
There was hardly a day when there wasn't a queue at George and Kristen's stand for sausages.  He asked someone why they had waited so long, and they replied 'with a line this long, it has to be for something worth waiting for':)