Thursday, November 15, 2012

Geek Out: Steampunk Shotgun

Steampunk DB
One of the highlights of Halloween for me (back in the day) was dressing up and scaring the pants off the little 'Weeners knocking at the door of our house in Bakersfield.  Not that Steampunk will do that, and especially not at farmer's market, but the single black contact lens was enough to wig people out.

But, what does a cosplaying adventurer in the vein of H.G.Wells need to properly accessorize?  A gun!  (And a cool hat, but I didn't take any photos of the bulding-up process - I still have hot glue stuck to my fingernails.)

Nerf Shotgun
Cheapest bang for the buck on Amazon.  All that is needed to continue are two cans of outdoor metallic spray paint, and a bunch of little doodads hiding around the house in need of a purpose.

Inner Nerfdom
 The most very, very important part of the process if you want the gun to fire ever again is to take photos of everything you strip off - so you can reassemble it two weeks later.  No lie, that's how long it took, but only because deep contemplation and internet surfing for ideas takes up so much time.

Also, if you try this, stick all the screws that held the thing together on a piece of tape in the order you took them out - you'll thank me later.
Nerf Mod - the basics
After scratching down the plastic parts with sandpaper, a hoof-cleaning tool, and bashing them with a screwdriver - paint!  Gold and Copper for the mains, then my fav part: embellishments! Cover all those holes with cool stuff.

Old buttons, washers, and paper stabby things (you know, the brass ones that were hip before staplers were invented) - who knew how retro-futuristic they could all look?

Getting There
Now comes a decorative plate hanger wire, and something I found in the basement and don't know what it is, except that it didn't explode (just kidding).  The improvised sight wouldn't stay on, though - but, it was cool while it lasted.

Nerf Mod
Nearly done, except for touching up some paint. And it works! (Thank you digital photography, you are the greatest invention, ever.)

You can get a feel for the "authenticity" in this photo created by scratching the plastic.  Great use of old costume jewelry, too, if I do say so, myself.

Awesome Steampunk Shotgun
Truly, this gun was soooooo awesome - and one 'Weener asked to have his photo taken with it.

Funny that all the under 20's knew exactly what it was.  Truly worth the effort, if only to exercise those "little grey cells" with a creative project!