Monday, November 12, 2012

Clearing the Dashboard: Food Photos

Beef Kabobs and Grilled Potatoes
 This was the cook where I realized that the beef kabobs had been cut from the bottom round and not just the top round (London Broil).  They were really too tough for making kabobs - so we boxed them all up and donated them to our local humane society.  Found some more in the freezer this week.

Tri-tip Breakfast
That's smoked tri-tip (sirloin) topped with Black Creek Preserves' Green Goddess, fried tomatoes, and a perfect sunny-side up.  Mmmmm.

Beef Stew
 You may notice that there isn't any actual meat in the photo.  That's because Dan fished the meltingly tender beef shank out of the crockpot and ate it immediately.  That left root veggies and stewed tomatoes for me, but they were delicious all the same.