Monday, February 13, 2012

Life on the Farm 021312: Flu Blues

This week on the farm, Dan put a proper entrance door on the calf barn.

It already has some “homemade doors” around the perimeter, and sliding “barn door” panels large enough to run the skidsteer through – but they freeze shut – and open.

After witnessing the struggle of our herdsperson to close one, he knew he’d found the reason that he saved the old front door to the cheeseplant.

Works so well, it’s a wonder no one thought of it sooner.

And then, I got the flu.  Again.  With a boomer of a headache.

The only revelation worth noting through the ginger-ale-scented haze of the weekend, sliding in and out of consciousness, is that Smokey-cat is a big-time bed-blanket hog and weighs a lot more than she looks - but kept me company through the worst of it.

I surely wouldn’t wish this on anyone, and if you’re suffering from seasonal illness too, you have my sympathies and well-wishes.

Things are happening on the farm, just wait a while and I’ll get to it all, I promise.

(There won't be many food postings for a while.)

Update: Dan has started symptoms, so we'll probably be house-bound for a while.