Sunday, January 8, 2012

Process: Bone-out Chicken Wings

Boneless Wings
 We'll start at the end.  These wings have no bones.  The tips will become the handles for the finished appetizer.  Sharpen your knife before you begin.

Chicken Wings
Ordinary 12 pack of wings.

Separate the drummie and the wing section.  The drummies will cook separately, refrigerate them.

With a hand on top of the wing, slide the knife in against the bone, under the skin, and slice away from you, turning the wing over as you get to each edge. There is a tendon to cut.  Peel the skin up to the joint.

Deboning a Chicken Wing
Grab each bone at the connected joint, twist, pull up and out.  As you can see, they come out nearly clean.  Took me about four of them to get good at it, and I have only rudimentary knife skills.

What you are left with is a conical shape to hold stuffing - a wing ice cream cone, for lack of a better description.  On to the recipe!