Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life on the Farm 011612: Flu Diary

Ground Zero

Not feeling well, bed at 7pm; stomachache, chills, can’t sleep.

Go fetch antacids from the cupboard at 11:30pm.

24 hours of good eats rapidly exits body in rudest possible manner.

Lying still on bathmat near toilet.  Don’t think I’m dying, which is a switch from the usual, considering circumstances.

Colder than I should be, can’t move, exhausted.

Uncomfortable under itchy acrylic blanket, reminds me how much I hate camping.

Cats go into garage when Dan comes down for morning chores.

Cats come back in.

Oh please, please, let them not bring in any rodents this morning.

Last time, the male was carrying a live baby mouse in his mouth.  I could see the tail hanging down his chin, then, he spit it out on the floor so he could keep slapping it if it went too far astray while he ate his kibbles.

Not this morning, please…

Day 1

Got off the floor around 8 am.

Made it as far as the comfy recliner, sipping Ginger Ale with a pink bendy straw.

Think flu – or food poisoning – doesn’t matter, it is what it is.

Asked Dan to turn the Christmas lights on for cheer, and the fireplace for warmth.

Tuned in to the nearly-real jewelry auction channel.  Rest of morning is a blur of while cotton gloves, brightly colored stones, and “bidder, bidder, sold”.

Slept for an hour.

Asked for ice with seltzer, but there isn’t any.  Drank it warm.

No higher thought processes available...

Day 2

Stomach still isn’t right, but feel like I’m participating in life again.

Can look at pictures of food without becoming nauseous.
Walking makes me dizzy.

Fart attack.  It’s like a heart attack. Only not. Look it up.

Ate the last two olives in the jar.

Day 3 

Ate yogurt.

Read, “I think raccoons have started a fight club in my backyard” on a Facebook wall.  Just about blew milk out my nose.  Not drinking milk.

Walked around some.

Ate white rice.

Day 4

Ate homefries at the diner; stomach making weird gurgling noises.

Have a headache.  Think it’s the sunshine. Migraine coming?

Possibility of fresh walleye tonight, and wants some fried crispy, no matter the consequence.

I’m going to have to cook it.

Conserving energy, and coaching inner chef to nut up and power through the evening.


Deadline Day

More yogurt.

Feel like I’ve run a marathon, staying in comfy chair for one more day.

Thanks for looking in on me.