Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wheatless: Choo-Chee Curry Fish

Baked Haddock
The last time I made a version of this, I cooked the fish in the curry  - and while delicious, it fell apart into flakes and was not very attractive to look at.

Choo-chee provides a creeping heat that you can feel on your tongue hours afterward, plus it's one of those items that is gluten-free without suffering from being a "mock" version.

This time I dusted the fish with Dizzy Pig Shakin' The Tree and baked it separately (425f 8-10 minutes) to keep it moist and whole.

I followed the directions on the tin, reducing the amount of coconut milk to only one can, and adding a pound of sliced carrots.  They simmered until tender, about 20 minutes.

Rice Noodles
Then, instead of boiling the rice noodles separately, I placed a 1/2 package into the simmering broth, turning every few minutes until soft.  Saves time and washing up - and all that flavor becomes absorbed by each strand.  Pretty sure that is the secret to the flavorful noodles served at the local Thai restaurant.

Spicy Carrot Curry
I placed a cover on, turned off the heat and added a tablespoon of fish sauce to balance the sweetness of the dish.  Nearly all the liquid is gone at this point.

Rice Noodles 
Tasty taste test!  Could have used some sliced fresh chilies to make it hotter - but I am out, and Dan prefers it less spicy.

Carrot Curry and Haddock
Yummy topped with the leftover caramelized onions that I made for an egg salad sandwich.  A little sweet for my taste, and I realized that I had forgotten to add the Thai basil!

Ah well, there's always next time.