Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Cook: Grilled Lobster

Just like zombies, you wreck them in the head.

When you think of Memorial Day cookouts, you probably think of hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken - but, for me, it is lobster - because that is what I grilled for my cousin, Lin, when he returned back home after handing Saddam Hussein his proverbial ass.

Takes about 20 minutes of turning to cook.
My gas grill has hot spots in the front and is warmish toward the back.  I had to keep moving the bugs around to keep the claws over the hottest areas, cover down between turns, trying not to overcook it.  I used fennel fronds to create an awesome aroma, but I don't think they contributed much else.

Grilled Lobster and Vegetables
The meat was so moist, it fell apart like the very best barbecue.  It was mixed with warmed garlic butter and served with the sides posted yesterday.