Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Cook: Chicken Kabobs

Mongolian Grill Chicken
 I had these kabobs all ready for cooking outdoors, but high winds thwarted me.   I was unable to keep the gas grill lit, the Egg's gasket is still toast (I have the replacement, but it just sits there) - so I broke out this Christmas gift from Mom.  It was time for the Mongolian grill to shine.

It worked pretty well with the burner at medium-low, but I had to keep turning the chicken because the top of the dome is cooler and the bottom pieces were done before those on the top.

Some of the chicken was marinated in Italian dressing, some sprinkled with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin.

I served these with BBQ sauce on the side.

We both preferred the spiciness of the dry rub kabobs.  Some of the marinated pieces were surprisingly dry, but that may be down to the inconsistency of the organic supermarket chicken.  I had purchased a package of 3 boneless breasts, and they probably all came from different birds.

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