Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Cook: Lamb Rack with Market Greens

Rack of Lamb
It was raining last Sunday, but it was time to take the cover off the gas grill and cook what we had bought at farmer's market.

I threw on a rack of lamb (Willow Hill Farm) sprinkled with a coffee/chili spice mix, some beef kabobs (Boucher Farm, recipe tomorrow) and Pomykala's fresh asparagus coated in Drew's Romano Caesar salad dressing.  Watch that salad dressing - it catches fire when it hits the flame!  High drama!

The rack was seared on both sides, then the burner was turned off.  The opposite burner was set to low, the cover lowered, and it baked for about 20 minutes.  (The asparagus and beef were already done and removed from the grill).

Ramps from Willow Hill Farm
I could have cooked these on the grill top, but you know, the rain and my fear of lightning were working against me.  Ramps first, sauteed in butter over low heat, then I added a splash of beef broth to let them braise and finish cooking.  I removed them when the liquid had completely evaporated and gave them a sprinkle of salt.

Turnips from Arethusa Farm
The turnips took longer to cook, but they were just as delicious.  Chives got the same treatment, but it looked like I was cooking grass like a 6-year old on her plastic pretend-stove, so no photo.

Mixed Grill
Mixed grill, and all local to Vermont - even the beets!