Friday, May 20, 2011

Burlington Farmers' Market 051411: Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

The second week of farmer's market started slowly, just as the first had.  Rain was predicted, but it turned out to be intermittent light showers.  The real precipitation held off until 2:00 - closing time.  How fortunate was that?

Folk Foods, who normally vends on our left was absent, and Green Mountain Mustard took their place.  I wish I had purchased something from them, I heard the jalapeno flavor was awesome!  I re-christen this stall "Mustard Man", in keeping with "Tibetan Lady", "Donut People", and "Samosaman".

The vendor to our right, Arethusa, had loads of green plants.  I created a culinary herb "garden" for the porch at home.

The really cool thing about our farmers' market is that you purchase an entire dinner party here - drinks, apps, veggies, sides, mains, deserts, even flowers, favors, and serveware!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

So many things to buy!  We took home asparagus, turnips, radishes, ramps, lamb, rhubarb pie, microgreens, garlic hummus, Moroccan pastries, toffee, cheese, cupcakes, and even Tibetan food* to eat later.  I drank a maple-cream soda! 

See you at market!

*The Tibetan Lady is gluten-free.