Monday, May 2, 2011

Scene in Swanton: Flood Photos

On Sunday after breakfast out, Dan wanted to take the St. Armand Road home. I just shook my head at him, because I thought he had lost his mind, and we argued over which road this actually was.

The sign reads: Danger High Water.

Garbage and detritus from the lake is covering half the road.  Lots of it seems to be firewood, and my parents have informed us that firewood is also washing up on the beach at their home on Georgia Shore.

Probably not the smartest thing to do driving through here, but cars were traveling toward us in the opposite direction just fine.

This is the landing where fishermen usually hang around on the weekends.

Note: this property has a realtor sign at the far right.

Yet another road crossing covered in lake water and trash.

Here's the road to get home "the back way"- fortunately, there's an I89 exit near the Canadian border just a short drive north, so we didn't have to go back the way we came.