Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Menu: Easy Pork n' Beans

Pork and Beans
This is one of our favorite go-to's as a main or a side.

One sliced onion, 2 cups of pork stock, 2 cups of roasted tomatoes, one smoked pork hock, two bay leaves, and one pound of cranberry beans (soaked overnight in 1/2 TB baking soda and water to cover, rinsed in the morning).  The stock, tomatoes, hock, beans are all local to 30 miles of our farm (or from our farm).

All of that in a covered casserole (cold oven) set to 300f for one hour.  Then, I turned down the heat to 250f for 5 hours - done!

The hock, stock, and tomatoes had been salted, the finished dish didn't need any adjustment.  Very rich and flavorful - a perfect side for barbecue - and no sugar, as many bean dishes rely on that for flavor. Always a winner.