Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Cook: Blue Cheesy Chicken Leg Quarters

Pulled Chicken, Beef Ribs, Stuffed Mushrooms
Incredibly moist chicken cooked on The Big Green Egg, stuffed under the skin with butter and blue cheese.

It's easy to flavor-up a chicken leg, just pull back the skin, make some slits, stuff, and put the skin back.  I like to refrigerate them overnight to get a crispier skin.  Stuffing: 2 oz Blue Cheese, 2 TB Butter

Chicken on The Big Green Egg
I set the Egg at 300f and cooked direct 45 minutes for the two smaller legs.  The large one took 15 more minutes.  The center packet has plain washed carrots and parsnips in it.

Lots of food for a busy weekend.  The meat pulled from the bone and needed a bit of salt - the blue cheese I used (our Madison) wasn't high enough in salt to carry the seasoning for the chicken alone.