Friday, April 15, 2011

Dan Cooks! Sugarhouse Eggs

Sugarhouse Eggs
 This is one of those dishes that are far too sweet for me - it also combines sweet and savory, which I simply cannot do.   My husband, however, was positively giddy.

It's a childhood favorite that falls into the same Quebecois-cuisine (Quebecuisine?) category as buckwheat pancakes and crepeaus.  He grew up eating this for breakfast.

A quarter cup of maple syrup is brought to a simmer, then two beaten eggs are added and the mixture gently stirred.  The eggs poach, but also incorporate syrup in a custardy way.

He remembers making these in the morning before school while his parents were working in the barn - though no specifics were given on whether he shared with his brothers, or if each sibling was fending for themselves.