Friday, January 21, 2011

Wheatless: Chicken and Biscuits, the do-over

Chicken and Biscuits
Oh, yum!  I made biscuits instead of dropped dumplings this time, in case things didn't work out.  But my concerns were for naught, because these were crazy good.

Can you believe it?  I didn't at first - but it's real!

Before baking.

After baking - and you'll notice they look exactly like the biscuits on the box!  Nothing ever looks as good as on the box!

They had a light springy texture (reminiscent of sour cream cookies) and were both slightly salty and sweet - the flavor was dead-on Pillsbury canned biscuits - you know, the ones that explode from the cardboard tube?

Chicken and Biscuits
Gluten-free? Dan said he wouldn't have guessed if I hadn't told him.  Maybe he was just being polite and looking out for my feelings, but I doubt it.  That's a bowl of success as far as I'm concerned.  Tasty, tasty success.