Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wheatless: 123 Gluten Free Biscuits

As someone who can't eat gluten, I am constantly on the search for new products that might take the place of old wheaty favorites.  I tried this mix last week, and made pigs 'n blankets and biscuits with it.

They aren't bad texture-wise, but they are very, very crumbly.

You may recognize the box from yesterday's cook, and also that those biscuits don't look like mine.

Why, oh, why,  don't they brown?
I suppose these might work as a substitute for the real thing, if you had never eaten an actual biscuit at a chicken pie community supper.

I ate half of one (mostly because I wanted the butter), then fed the remainder to the chickens.  They were too fall-apart crumbly; if I had bothered to put gravy over them they would simply dissolve into stodgy paste.

The major disappointment was that the recipe required a half pint of heavy cream and nearly a stick of butter.  There are better uses for those - or rather, as another blogger puts it "Don't waste your calories on yucky food".