Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend Cook: Veal Ribs on The Big Green Egg

The results?  Three pounds of meat, about the same as a small pork shoulder.

The last time we went to the processors with veal, we came home with these rib racks.  Didn't order them, but that's normal, no order comes back 100% right.  They've been popular and we have sold out.

I split the ribs, coated them in mustard and Dizzy Pig, and into the Big Green Egg at 250f for six hours or so.

I was some pleased that they fit.

At six hours, I covered them in foil and placed them in the oven for about six more hours.  There's a trick to keeping them moist - I placed them meat side down on the tray.

So good! Kept them covered on the counter with a heavy towel for another hour or so while they cooled. Pulled and refrigerated for other dishes, like the sandwich post tomorrow.