Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend Cook: Shepherd's Pie

Another real shepherd's pie with smashed new potatoes from farmer's market.

Boiled potatoes were mixed with butter, 1/2 and 1/2, and a bit of chive cream cheese I had in the refrigerator. Salt and peppered to taste.

One pound of ground lamb from Willow Hill Farm sauteed with five cloves of garlic and five cipollini onions, chopped.  Add 1 tsp ground Cumin and 1 tsp hot Paprika.  Salt and pepper to taste.

These carrots were boiled along with the potatoes, cut into pretty rounds.

I wish I had the time to drive up the road, visit the local cornstand, come back, and roast my own corn - but this was a 40-minute meal, so I gave myself a break and opened up a can of Jolly Green.

375f for 38 minutes.

Done!  Awesome and delicious.  Shepherd's pie vs Cottage Pie?  The lamb wins every time.