Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Cook: Salted Honey Glazed Pork Kabobs

A new twist on pork kabobs, a salty caramel glaze.

The sauce is made from honey, thinned with hot stock, then salted until it has a salty/sweet balance. It is the consistency of maple syrup.

I made mini kabobs from pork loin (though round can be used) with 1/2-inch cubes of meat, and basted them with the honey mixture while grilling.

Also, some 1-inch cubes to see if that worked well. Three minutes a side with the cover down on the grill, over medium heat. It looks burned, but is only heavily caramelized.

Cute as a button! It is very tricky to work with honey, since it easily burns. Tomorrow, I'll post the link to a more exact recipe than I'm used to writing down, as published in the Burlington Free Press.