Monday, September 7, 2009

Repair, replace, repave

It doesn't look like much is going on today.

But inside one of the bunkers where feed is stored, an important repair is going on.

We used to DIY resurfacing and pour and level cement ourselves, taking all day long, sometimes two days, and it still wouldn't be right. Much easier to clean the pitted surface and call a paving company. They finished in only a few hours.

Dan and Denis were freed up to attend to other duties, such as cheesemaking and starting another cut of hay. The hay will be stored in this bunker in the next few days.

In this view you can get an idea of how much the acidic feeds pit and wear away at the bottom of the bunker.

I know that on the surface (har, har), it doesn't seem like a prudent expenditure given the price of milk (which is fixed well below our cost to make it). We make up some of that income gap with sales of corn and alfalfa harvested from our land. If the feed rots in the bunker due to contact with earth or exposure to the air, we lose all of that income as well. So, it's time to get the paving done, before the hay dries down.