Friday, September 18, 2009

Farmer's Market #19: Eco-bike something or other

Dan chats with Jason from Folk Foods after setting up. It was a real slow start, we had only five dozen eggs and didn't sell out of them until 10:00.

Since there was time to eat, I went to my favorite stand with tasty gluten-free prepared food. What's Monica serving up?

It's our own "Tomme Collins" in a tamale!

This was another tag-along event in the park - but they didn't make us move our vehicles out of the spots we paid the city to use for farmer's market (this time around). As far as neighbors go, they're on the way to becoming alright ones.

Lots of kiddies, mums and daddies.

Here's some of the parade.

Didjeridoo-man (Five minutes was enough, he really wasn't all that entertaining.)

However, these guys were very good.

Awesome puppy cuteness. It's getting cold in the mornings, but we'll be here on Saturdays until the end of October. See you at market!