Saturday, September 19, 2009

More "Tarte House" Photos

It looks 100% better with all the trash removed from the housesite.

Here are some more photos from the "Tarte House" property - the last, I swear. After offering it to ReCycle North and receiving no response, I put the house on Craigslist for 12 hours and got enough interest in tearing it down for free that I don't think it will be here much longer.

Last time my camera died before I could get all the pictures I wanted. There is still no power. A camera flash from the top of the stairs to the basement shows much that can't be appreciated with flashlight illumination below.

At least I know now why the dishes were left in the sink.

Little Debbie anyone? Ew.

This pressure tank is the last salvageable item from the house that we can re-use; notice the fire across the road. More photos of that, tomorrow.