Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bufala di Vermont: History on my plate

The Woodstock Water Buffalo/Vermont Spoondance Creamery/Starhill Dairy Mozzarella/Yogurt/Ice Cream Company has been no more for a while, and is now moving to Canada. And what about the water buffalo? Well you are looking at one. We were gifted a package of sausage made from one of these animals. How sad that this is how it ended for one of the few unsuccessful Vermont cheesemakers.

Sad, but I hoped, also tasty. I sauteed an onion and two red peppers sourced at farmer's market to go with the meat.

I cut the sausages bite-sized, added a cup of commercial tomato sauce (Bove's garlic), and brought it back to the simmer. Done!

This is why I post plated photos only half of the time. The way we eat is usually a mess on a plate, and since I can't have a hoagie bun, it was served with rice.

I liked the heat of the sausages (the spice was hot Italian), but not the texture. They were very tough and chewy, but I can now add "formerly famous water buffalo" to the list of things I have eaten.