Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cuteness On The Farm

 For the past two weeks, we've had a tiny visitor to the lawn.  I named him "Bun Bun".  The little guy's warren is across the road, but he's come to stay in the thickets around the house.

 Okay, so I named this one "Chippy" and a day later he ventured into the garage.  Dan heard the commotion and looked in to see Smokey Cat run downstairs with it in her mouth.  The body has not yet been found.

Broadbreasted Whites
 This the friendliest group of turkeys we have ever had.  They come running to greet visitors to the barn.  (We don't name anything we intend to eat.)

Laying Hen Poults
This is the worst bunch of scaredy birds we have ever raised -- they run like heck whenever anyone walks by - but I love that white one in the center with the "top hat" tuft.

That's enough sweet for now, I need to brush my teeth!