Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life On The Farm 40912: Standing Out (Outstanding)

We have begun Springwork!  Onward ho with the cultivating and planting equipment, debating where to put the sunflower field – oh, and where the corn, alfalfa and soybeans will go, too.

All that large hardware has to travel smoothly, so the main driveway was graded and the giant potholes filled in.  But, nothing ever stays nice around here for long.

We started hauling manure out of the pit (another fine Spring ritual). In no time at all, there was a fresh coat of poo over all that fresh-laid gravel and spread all over the field in my backyard. It stunk up the place so bad that my husband Dan didn’t want to eat snacks before night chores.

“Whose diaper is soiled?” he asked.

Thank goodness, it rained and drove the wafting funk into the ground.

In addition to “regular” work, my husband Dan is still busy bottling our farm’s sunflower oil.  I am organizing the purchase of a larger tent for farmer’s market, designing lighter-weight signs, and creating new marketing materials. 

My least favorite Spring thing is making new tablecloths for our booth. The old ones get stained and torn every season- or else they disappear into the black hole inside the jelly cupboard and can’t be found in time for opening day.

The sewing project takes up the living room for a week, and it is a constant war of acquisition with the cats for the fabrics and thread spools.  I am so not looking forward to picking up all those straight pins off the floor. 

This year, our market stand is moving from its regular location on the grass under the shade of Burlington’s City Hall Park, to St. Paul Street, where the parking spots and meters line the road.

The city will be closing the street on Saturdays during market hours. 

My concern about the change is how to draw people’s attention to the new area.

Dye our hair to match the color of our tent? (It’s yellow)


(I mean, I would totally do that in a heartbeat, but Dan won’t go for it.)


I’ve tried playing coronet, saxophone, and piano.  It was revealed that I have no musical talent whatsoever.

Well, then, how about making grilled cheese sandwiches?  It’s a perfect fit; the aroma will draw people in.

We make several meltable cheeses.  It would work…except for the fact that I can’t be around wheat without swelling up and breaking out in hives.  That makes this one great idea - that will be firmly placed in the category of “Never Going to Happen”.

Sparkling fairy lights?  Multi-colored pinwheels? Flags flapping in the wind? Scary clowns making balloon animals?

Hmmm.  It is windy in the street.

Yes. A flag.  Brilliant!  No one else has one, so we’d be the first. 

Except, that I’m probably giving the idea away for free by saying it out loud.

We aren’t having a flag made with our logo on it.

You never heard it, I didn’t say it.