Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wine by The Cup!

Dan returned the bottles and cans for deposit, and brought back these two plastic cups of wine that were the oddest thing we've seen since wine in a fish-shaped bottle - and that wine in the cat-shaped bottle - and that wine with Santa on the label, which was all kinds of wrong.

It's the perfect size to stow in a lunch box or handbag.

I'm assuming that if you've gone to all the trouble to pack a picnic basket full of goodies, you will be quaffing a decent bottle of red or white in proper glasses - or using long bendy straws, in a pinch- and not opting for these sulfite-full, forgettable, wine clones.  (Don't contact me if this is your product and you want to tear me a new one - seriously.)

Anyhoo, let's put this into perspective: wine packaged like yogurt, with a snap-on lid in case you have to shove it in your backpack because the cops pull you over, or hide it in your desk drawer as your boss walks by?  Genius!  Wish I'd thought of it first.

And Copa, don't think you'll be taping a piercing straw to the cup's side or including a mail-in coupon for a sippy-cup nipple; I'm already on the phone to patent those ideas AND marketing shelf-stable alchohol in recyclable single-serving juice-boxes.