Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Cook: Beef Ribs with Potatoes

Boucher Farm Beef Ribs, Red Bliss Potatoes
Tender, sweet, hot and spicy, with addional sweetness provided by the potatoes.  And yes, butter - sometimes, I just gotta have some.

Beef Ribs
 Eight pounds of meaty beef ribs, trimmed of excess fat.

Coated them in one cup of Sambal Olek, 1/2 cup of turbinado sugar.   Placed in a cast-iron pot in a 250f oven for 4 hours (uncovered).

Added 1 cup of stock and 8 medium potatoes.  Lid on.  After 3 hours potatoes were done.  Cooked for another hour, when the meat pulled from the bones.

Cooled stock in refrigerator overnight.  Leftover meat will be used in tomorrow's recipe for Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe).  And what of the leftover potatoes?   I haven't decided yet.