Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Roast Beef

Rib Roast on the Traeger Pig
Or rather, roast beast. This is a 20-lb. slab of goodness, coated in mustard and Dizzy Pig Red Eye.

It took 6 hours at 225f - 250f, and 6 degrees outside, so the pig had to work harder than usual to keep the temperature steady.  Pulled off at 128f to allow for the carryover.  On a 3-bone roast, I pull at 131f.

It rested on the counter, under foil and two blankets for 2 hours - and it was too hot to touch when I carved!

Rare Roast Beef
Removed the bones first and saved them for another cook tomorrow.  Easy slicing, and fantastic fare! Happy Holidays, everyone!