Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Corn Harvest

This is Andy Gagne's self-propelled chopper sitting in our driveway; it cuts 8 rows of corn at a time.  Most devices do only 3 or 6 rows.  It's massive!  This machine chops whole plants and runs them through crimping rollers that crack the corn kernels open.  The feed is then blown into a small "high dump" wagon pulled by a tractor - which is then transferred to a regular dump truck waiting on the outskirts of a field.   It's those trucks you usually encounter on the road.

Why don't we have a Decepticon-Transformer-style behemoth of our own on the Boucher Farm?  Because they cost half a million dollars, and it makes far more sense to pay a fee by the acre for something used only once a year.  Still, scared of it:( Yikes!