Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That Karmic Swirly Thing

Cinnamon Roll
Yesterday, we had a Canadian visitor to the farm who spoke with Dan at some length.  She seemed to think we sold cheddar, and was disappointed to find out it was not so.  Dan was nonplussed and gave her Madison Blue and a piece of Connor Abbey to try.

Canadian Boule
The following morning she returned with bread still warm from a bakery and fresh cinnamon rolls!  She said they came from a place 10 miles across the border, and hoped we would like them as much as she liked our cheese!  Dan was in heaven!  We had our first ever "break" during cheesemaking so he could enjoy his pastries.

Dinner (for Dan) that evening was Willow Hill Farm cheese, fresh tomatoes, bread and butter.  It was the happiest he's been since I stopped making our own bread (and came down with a gluten allergy).