Friday, September 9, 2011

Burlington Farmer's Market #18: Flood of Support

This was the first market after the floods, and every farmer (and some food vendors) had a story to tell.  Some had minor losses, some moderate, some lost everything.

We will not know how much damage was done to the crop fields until we harvest in the next few weeks.  Given that we had washouts during the spring flood, our prediction is that the same spots will be affected and the damage quickly repaired.

The market held the first of four silent auctions to benefit flood victims.  The vendor to our right, Arethusa Farm, was selling artwork of vegetables they would normally have at their stand, if they hadn't lost them to the waters.

Many vendors donated a portion of the day's proceeds to charity.  I spent 10% of what we normally earn to bid on a silent auction item - and won a beautiful bowl from Claude Lehman Pottery!

Arethusa also set up a three-hole mini-golf course, which became very popular as the day went on.  They said they would not be returning for the remainder of the season.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

 So easy to help out our local farmers - come to market!  Hope to see you there, and a big thank you from everyone here to our loyal customers for your enthusiastic support.