Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clearing the Dashboard

Apple Blossoms
 I took these photos, then got distracted by other, more shinier things.  We have apple trees lining the driveway.

Apple Blossoms
 I took this intending to make it the background for the blog, but it is too big a size.

Pear Blossoms
 Always with the flowers, not so much with the pears.

Arethusa Strawberries
 The battery on the 16 mp camera died right after this.  The photos on Friday's post will be with the 8 mp camera.  There's a significant difference in the quality.

Mini Herb Garden
On the first or second week of farmer's market, I got herbs from Arethusa Farm and catnip from Rockville Market.  It's now week 7 and I am starting to slowly kill them all.