Friday, June 10, 2011

Burlington Farmers' Market #5: Jazzfest '11

Worst alignment of  tablecloths, ever.
Finally - no rain!  However, St. Paul Street is pretty dug up, and without meters there was no way to legally tow all the cars parked in the spaces we paid for in order to load and unload.

The Manager's Tent
One of the cool things about our market is that we have a station for swiping EBT and Debit cards, creating a currency of wooden coins that all vendors accept.  Out-of-town visitors can make purchases without having cash or checks on hand.

Another sign that makes me smile.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The sidewalks and main green were very congested because of Jazzfest, and I noted that the stress on the grass is highly exacerbated by the overwhelming crowds of events such as this.  Children were playing in the dirt - it's like an encroaching desert eating the green away in front of our stand.

Not many veggies yet, due to the strange weather, so the next few markets will see substitute vendors in the place of many regulars who don't have product to sell.  It should be interesting to see who's new next week.

We'll be there...see you at market!