Monday, April 4, 2011

Wheatless: Healthy Valley gluten free Cafe

This is another item I found in the gluten-free "aisle" at the Hannaford, which remains a poorly delineated shelf area sandwiched between the whole wheat/Amish and organic/all-natural/made in Vermont items.  Want to find a gf frozen food?  Just about impossible!  They are mixed in with regular fare.

I heated it straight from the can (no water added).  Label details can be found here.

It didn't look like the picture  - the vegetables weren't  pretty colors.  But, I don't care so much about pretty; it had a lot of flavor and a nice texture.

Some canned soups call themselves gluten-free, but list wheat on the label's allergy statement.  This isn't one of them, and I'm happy to have had it as a quick/fast lunch - even though the amount of sodium is of concern - it's still less than most of Campbell's offerings.

It's satisfying to have even a small portion of something that tastes good.