Thursday, January 13, 2011


The other day, we were with some friends at brunch discussing "Hoarders" - both the show and actual homes people had entered (in a professional capacity) and I was as horrified as I regularly am when I watch that program - so much so that when I returned home, I filled a box with papers printed on just the one side that I was keeping in my office and burned them.

During the flaming paper purge, I came across these matchbooks.

They are souvenirs from our trip (we call it THE ONE vacation) to Myrtle Beach over twenty years ago.  Time to use them, don't you think?   I remember the food very well: softshell crabs, crawfish, Cap'n Crunch chicken (Hard Rock Cafe),  alco-slushies, soft tortillas right out of the tortilla-making machine (Chilacas), and a large bar of caramel coated in chocolate (Grandma's something-or-other Store).  I ate the candy late at night on the train trip home because the berth was at a tilt and I was sure I was going to die and the amount of sugar and calories no longer mattered.

Dan barely recalls buying a cigar at the Tinderbox (green matchbook) which is too bad because a lot of what we ate is certainly worth recalling.