Sunday, December 26, 2010

That Hawk is Still Here

Rather, it was here.
I tried to get a photo of that chicken-eating hawk, now the terror of the bird-feeder - I'm not just feeding seeds to little chickadees, but inadvertently providing this predator a way to easily get through the winter.  It was right there in the apple tree, less than six feet away.

(Auto focus screws me again)  The hawk is in the lower right branch of this maple, tearing apart a mouse or junco - probably the junco.  Why doesn't it move 100 feet to the left and kill some nasty pigeons?

I have around thirty mourning doves that dive into the windows trying to avoid the hawk - he'll catch one and another 1 or 2 will collide with the glass and die or be stunned.  The semi-feral barncats will take those if they can get to them quickly enough.

Still, I found two dove-sicles last week. It's all too Wild Kingdom for me, with all the thumping against the house every day.  I fear for the happy Christmas cardinals.